Richter Studios Wins Gold At Deauville

Richter Studios Wins Gold At Deauville

这是它近几年来第四次在欧洲红毯亮相, 里克特工作室最近赢得了令人垂涎的2019年金奖 Deauville Green Awards in Normandy, France. Out of 420 films that were submitted, the Chicago video production company was among a small group of production companies worldwide that were voted for the festival’s top honor.

“What a remarkable creative journey,” said Jeremy Richter, CEO of Richter Studios. “我很自豪看到我在Richter工作室的团队以如此壮观的方式获得荣誉. Our collaboration on this film with the 英国芝加哥国际学校,林肯公园 and Urban Rivers was a truly special one. To see us honored in Deauville –  a beautiful city that has celebrated the art of cinema for many decades – and to receive the gold trophy for such an outstanding body of work is something I will cherish forever.”

CEO Jeremy Richter celebrating with the gold trophy award along with jury member Lee Gluckman. Mr. Gluckman is also the Chairman of the Mobius Awards and US International Film & Video Festival.

2019年多维尔格林奖的所有金奖得主. Photo courtesy © Naïade Plante.

Le film 2019 / The Film of the 8th Edition

The winning film for Richter Studios was called “Floating Gardens” and it was created for the British International School of Chicago (BISC), Lincoln Park. Richter Studios won the award in the “Preservation of Biodiversity” category. The short film tells the story of how the school’s students are utilizing their STEAM-based skills to bring the biodiversity back to the “Wild Mile” portion of the Chicago River. 与BISC林肯公园一起出现在电影中的是城市河流, 这个长达一英里的项目得到了芝加哥市的正式支持.

“The ‘Floating Gardens’ film is an amazing portrayal of the impact of the schools collaboration with Urban Rivers,” stated Erin Woodhams, Director of Marketing, Admissions & Communications at BISC, Lincoln Park. “给推荐十大靠谱网赌平台的学生提供在镜头前讲述这个故事的机会是不可思议的, furthering their commitment to repairing their local river and deepening their connection to conservation efforts and biodiversity. 里克特工作室的团队在与推荐十大靠谱网赌平台的学生和教师的合作方面非常出色. The viewer is taken on a journey with the BISC-LP community and can feel the passion behind this project as a result of the storytelling in this film.”

The Winning Film “Floating Gardens” 英国芝加哥国际学校,林肯公园

这部电影在林肯公园(芝加哥郊区)拍摄了四天。. 所有的采访和船对船的镜头被捕获与松下variicam LT. 另外,里克特工作室还用大疆Inspire 2拍摄了航拍镜头. Additionally, Richter Studios developed several hand-drawn 2D animations that were featured in the award-winning film.



Two crews in one shot. 前景是迈克尔·莫纳(无人机)和小乔·马丁内斯. (Camera).

“Richter Studios creatively captured the essence of the Wild Mile in a way which inspired and motivated people about this fantastic project,” stated Nick Wesley, Director at Urban Rivers. “They have a unique ability to capture the joy and energy from the student at the British International School of Chicago, and distill that down to an exhilarating piece of film which leaves the viewer excited about the future of the project. Our team was especially impressed with how the film captured the whole vision of the Wild Mile in a way which reflected both our vision of urban habitat and the impact that it had on the children who are helping build the project. 这篇文章已经成为向社区解释Wild Mile的最佳方式.”

According to the Urban Rivers websiteWild Mile将成为世界上第一个同等规模的水上生态公园. The finished project will be a mile-long floating park located on the North Branch Canal of the Chicago River, a manmade channel along the east side of Goose Island between Chicago Ave and North Ave. The completed park will consist of floating gardens and forests with public walkways and kayak docks in the Chicago River. Wild Mile将作为一个公共公园, open-air museum, botanical garden, kayaker destination, classroom for the community, and provide habitat for native wildlife.”

上面的地图显示了Wild Mile未来的计划,图片由 Urban Rivers

The Deauville Green Awards took place on June 12th and 13th, 2019 in Deauville, France. The famous resort town is also the site of the annual Deauville American Film festival, 它始于1975年,最近庆祝了第45版. Many American movie stars are celebrated by the city and are even provided a permanent beach cabin that bears their name. In 2018, 奥斯卡获奖演员摩根·弗里曼(Morgan Freeman)受到了热烈的欢迎.


The iconic Richter Studios action slate enjoying a spectacular view on the beaches of Deauville, France.

该节日于2019年6月初举行,为期两天。. 庆祝活动以在Le Cercle别墅放映获奖影片开始. CEO Jeremy Richter was in attendance to present the “Floating Gardens” film and answered questions from the audience and jury members.

杰里米·里克特在Le Cercle别墅参加开幕庆典.


During the second day of the festival, participants were treated to a special luncheon gathering at the famous Villa Strassburger. 1907年由亨利·德·罗斯柴尔德男爵建造, 后来被美国商业大亨拉尔夫·斯特拉斯伯格收购, who was a well-known racehorse owner. The estate was donated the town of Deauville in 1980 and is the most famous villa in the region.


Jeremy Richter with his son Ethan during the luncheon celebration at the Villa Strassburger.

为期两天的电影节的亮点是颁奖典礼 Casino Barrière de Deauville. Amazingly, 这也是詹姆斯·邦德的创作者和作者所在的地方, Ian Fleming, based the famous film “Casino Royale” on. 尽管这是弗莱明的第一部邦德小说(1953年), 这部电影被改编了三次. 最新的改编由超级巨星出演 Daniel Craig.

人群聚集在Barrière de Deauville赌场外参加颁奖晚会.


多维尔市市长菲利普·奥吉尔(右)在颁奖晚会上致开幕词. Photo courtesy © Naïade Plante.


晚宴后的颁奖晚会在赌场Barrière de Deauville.

在Barrière de Deauville赌场举行的派对一直持续到深夜.

BISC Lincoln Park is an internationally-minded private institution preparing students two-years old and up to succeed through a values-based education at a state-of-the-art, 五层楼高的校园,有一种真正的芝加哥社区的感觉. Founded in 2001, the school’s mission is to provide an ever-evolving experience for ever-evolving learners. BISC Lincoln Park recognizes the uniqueness of each child through learning that promotes challenge and personalized education at all levels. 了解比斯克林肯公园的独特之处, international private school experience, please visit:

This effort joins an impressive list of education-related video productions championed by Richter Studios. 公司拥有广泛的视频制作经验,开发范围广泛 corporate videos, and brand films for the education industry. 在其教育投资组合中包括为 College of American Pathologists德威大学、NCSBN、圣伊格纳修斯大学和威斯康辛大学拉克罗斯分校

Production Crew:
Executive Producer: Jeremy Richter
Director: Luke Sheldon
Senior Producer: Ed Grozich
Creative Director: Bianca Panos
Cinematography: Joe Martinez, Jr. & Nick Helfers
Aerials: Michael Monar
Editor: Luke Sheldon
Animation/Graphics: Patrick Cheng

Father and son enjoying a beautiful french town celebrated by Ian Fleming (James Bond author), F. 斯科特·菲茨杰拉德(《推荐十大靠谱网赌平台》)和无数的美国电影明星.

About Richter Studios
Richter Studios is a video production company based in Chicago’s gorgeous West Loop that has managed over 4,000 comprehensive productions, casted over 4,800 onscreen talent and created over 11,000 “films” over the past two decades. 被广泛认为是数字电影的先驱,公司开发了各种各样的 branded video content for its clients, including TV commercials, corporate videos, explainer videos, web videos and animations.  公司赢得了60多个国际奖项,包括 Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards in 2016, 2017 and 2019; and the world-renowned German Design Award in 2018. Richter Studios has comprehensive experience filming up to 8K resolution and has coordinated many nationwide and global video productions 为客户,在超过48个州和12个国家拍摄外景. To learn more about Richter Studios and its award-winning service offerings, please visit:



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